What Is The Difference Between FFP1 VS FFP2 VS FFP3

The face mask respirator is classified as “FFP1,” “FFP2” or FFP3 face masks or respirators, indicating its ability to filter out microparticles, viruses, suspended particles, and other particles, as well as facial features. FFPs stand for “Filtering of fine particles”. The respirators, which range from FFP1 to FFP2 to FFP3, offer respiratory protection against different concentrations of pollutants depending on the size of the particles (particles from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm).

The rule for the three classifications of FFP masks is that the higher the number, the better the protection, meaning that “FFP3” provides the greatest protection of all three. Each of the antivirus masks offered can filter out the capacity of the particles in the air, which they can hold back depending on the degree of protection. The FFP masks have different capabilities and will work by filtering out certain pollutants from the air.

FFP1  Filters at least 80% of air particles21%
FFP2  Filters at least 94% of air particles9%
FFP3Filters at least 99% of air particles    2%  


The FFP (filtering facepiece) filter mask also known as a respirator is a European Union-certified protective mask that protects the face, nose, mouth, throat, and respiratory organs against particles such as dust, dust particles, air particles or particles from bacteria. There are three types of FFP mask depending on the filtering efficiency. These include the following: Ffp1, FFP2, and FFP3, all of which can be selected when used for respiratory protection. The face Piece mask can also be filtered through a variety of other filters such as air filters, air purifiers, or air purifiers.


The FFP1 classification of respirators is designed for working environments where toxic fibrous dust particles and aerosols are expected in the air. The FFP1 protective mask filters particles up to 0.6 micrometers in size and 1 micrometer in diameter, as well as particles larger than 2 micrometers. The FFP1 face mask filters at least 80% of the particles. It has a limited filtering effect and only filters large particles. FFP1 is not good enough to protect the wearer from harmful microparticles carrying viruses


The standard FFP2 face mask also known as a liquid-resistant surgical mask designed to protect against injection drops that hit the wearer’s nose, mouth, and airway. It is extremely comfortable to wear and protects even after long use and is used as a disposable mask. FFP2 protective mask is used to protect the face, nose, mouth, and airways as well as throat.

This face mask covers the mouth and nose and is typically made up of various filter materials that support the filtration of air in this particular mask. The FFP2 dust mask contains various certification features that may be included when filtering air pollutants from the air


The FFP2 comes in a wide range of different shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as in many different styles. The FFP2 mask respirator can be used in different environments, including cold, wet, as well as hot and dry environments. The respirator also protects those who wear it from inhaling droplets of infectious agents

It should be noted that this type of mask must be used in combination with other PPE measures. The foldable FFP2 respirator valve is offered by manufacturers and suppliers of air filter masks. FFP2 face masks are equipped with a valve to improve user comfort. This valve helps the user to breathe easily and prevents condensation on the mask by fogging the glass. The standard FFP2 surgical mask is effective in preventing respiratory diseases e.g. COVID-9.

The standard FFP2 face mask protects the wearer from inhaling droplets and airborne particles. It is designed to prevent the excretion of secretions from the upper airways and saliva, which can contain particles such as dust, dust particles, air particles, or particles from bacteria and viruses when exhaled. Due to its filter efficiency and its usability, it is considered as one of the most efficient filter masks in its class.


In high-risk areas where surgical masks do not provide sufficient protection, an FFP3 mask respirator with a valve would be recommended. The FFP3 series respirator is extremely durable, features a preformed bridge of the nose, and an excellent fit that provides easy access to nostrils with excellent ventilation.

When we talk about the FFP3 face mask, it is a reusable mask, typically made of non-woven synthetic fiber, and features a high-performance exhalation valve that is used to change the filter layer by screwing in. This type of FFP protective mask provides its users with many important specifications and protection features when worn in a compromised environment.

FFP3 is also designed to protect against spray drops that hit the wearer’s nose, mouth, and airway. The report examines the effectiveness of the FFP3 face mask in reducing the spread of droplets in the air and their effectiveness in preventing infection.

In this way, the FFP3 mask is designed to allow the user to breathe through the airways, providing a safe and comfortable environment for both the wearers. It helps to avoid any secretions in the upper airways or saliva that are present during exhalation and inhalation of the carrier, such as mucus.

A standard surgical mask is one of the most effective ways to prevent infections among health care workers.  The ability of the filter mask FFP3 to filter out microparticles and viruses is greater than that of the mask FFP2. This respirator filters 99% of the particles, which means that it provides the greatest protection. This mask can also prevent infection in patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory infections. FFP3 protects against fine particles, for example, asbestos. It doesn’t protect against gases and specifically nitrogen oxide

Conclusion: Hospitals and medical staff are protected by masks and respirators in the event of an emergency such as a heart attack, stroke, respiratory arrest, or other serious illness. You should wear a mask to protect your lungs from all the dangerous things in the air. These could be particles, dust, aerosols, or smoke which may reduce the amount of blood flow to the lungs and other body parts such as the brain, heart, and lungs.

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N95 face masks are warm-ticket items right now. It is hard, if not impossible, to get them due to shortages and because most producers are prioritizing shipments to government agencies and first responders over the general public. But there is a substitute. The KN95 face masks in the next top thing and effective at filtering out unwanted germs.


Cloth and paper masks do not do much

Famous companies are selling out N95 masks as soon as they appear, with some stores reserving their stocks for local first hospitals and responders. Early  on, our local hospital here bought the full stock of N95 masks from the Home Depot because they were not capable to get them via other channels.

In recent weeks, we have seen a few dollar stores closely start to sell the rectangular paper masks. But most are selling them for as much as a one dollar per mask, and the defense you get from them is questionable.

While these masks will stop you from spreading germs to others, they do not do a best job of filtering out incoming germs. The same goes for cloth masks, after the CDCs advise a few weeks back, have become a lot more famous – plus with the latter, you need to ensure you are sanitizing them rightly.

Can An N95 Face mask top Coronavirus?

Presently, many customers are trying their top to find an N95 face mask for Wuhan coronavirus, and you might be one of them as entering this site for helpful detail. It is best to stop for a second and understand the real role of this respirator in stopping people from risky viruses.

According to the WHO, just wearing a faceguard without the right hygiene practices before putting it cannot fully keep you safe from the attack of this virus. Anyway, this piece is an essential tool to keep the virus from coming through our mouths and nose when taking public activities.

When entering crowded locations, having an ffp2 face mask respirator or similar mask covering is a must. Other than that, do not forget to follow other hygiene instructions and prevention behavior from your country’s health ministry. Never skip washing hands by soap before and after going out on the street those vital steps contribute to saving you against infection.

How long is an n95 face mask best for?

Normally, it would last for a day or more if the worksite is very risky. Anyway, in the case of the N95 face mask shortage these days, we are attracted to reuse the mask respirator sometimes, but very important thing is must disinfect completely when next time reusing it.

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Which type of Coronavirus mask is best?

Not all face masks are made equal, so it is value knowing which masks are technically the most successful at blocking the little particles. A different standard needs testing with particular of different diameters, testing with particles of 0.1 microns in diameter is the top standard while testing with particles of 0.3 microns in diameter is a high standard, and a three-micron particle is tested is used to evaluate stopping bacteria, then viruses.

FFP2 face mask

These FFP2 face mask is filtering masks that are advised when protection of the respiratory system is required.

They are FFP2 grade and filter out 94 percent of little particles, providing an assigned protection factor of ten.

How do N95, P2, FFP2 and KN95 face masks differ?

The difference is that FFP2, FFP1, and FFP3 masks have to meet Western testing needs, while N95 face masks must adhere to the American equivalent, P2 masks to the Australian equivalent and the KN95 face masks follows Chinese guidelines. The face masks provide a full level of protection. An FFP3 face mask, anyway, provides the top level of protection materials in a little focus, which means they can block both strong and liquid aerosols.


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What is the current government advice on facemask?

From June 15, Brits must wear face-covering public transport in England and Europe. Shoppers in Emerican must also wear a face-covering from 24 July, or face charges. As developed nations Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland issue their own suggestion on such limitations. Scotland has already enforced face mask-wearing in shops and public transport, and Wales and Northern Ireland ask the public to wear face masks in enclosed areas.

The WHO updated its suggestion in June to advise that people wear a non-medical FFP2 face mask when in public locations where social distancing is not easy. The WHO advises that any person who is sick with COVID-19 or treating someone who is sick should wear a medical mask.

How to remove your mask rightly

First, be sure to wash your hands fully before putting on your mask covering. When you are ready to take it off, do not touch the front of the mask – it could be affected. Instead, remove it by pulling the base strap over the back of your head, followed by the top strap. Discard the mask, and then clean your hands.