China FFP2 dust protective mask company

For health and safety, you should definitely wear N95 or en149 FFP2 dust protective mask

It features a true filter for superior safety filtration of allergens, mold spores, pollen, dust, both oil-based and non-oil based particles.

As a China FFP2 Dust protective Mask Company, we recommend you wear an FFP2 face mask, or N95 face mask and respirator. It is also excellent health protection from H1N1, SARS, Avian Flu, and common colds as well as being a superior defense against allergy and asthma attacks.

The Olayer’s N95 mask Respirator with a NIOSH health and safety rating of N95 and true BFE 95% filtration, provides the best personal filtration of airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, and non-oil based particles.

For health and safety, Olayer, A China FFP2 dust protective mask company finds this N95 or ffp2 mask respirator to be very effective at filtering bacteria & viruses including but not limited to the H1N1 virus, the Avian Flu, SARS, and Coronavirus.

The respiration valve helps prevent moisture and heat accumulation, which makes breathing easy.

This FFP2 face mask is tight sealing and comfortable with adjustable straps. One size fits all.

The double-layered melt-blown material is lightweight, perfect filtration, easy breathing, and forms an effective barrier from pollen and other allergens to help prevent allergy and asthma attacks. has adjustable straps and is very comfortable.

Every one likes FFP2 dust mask for health and safety masks to wear while cycling, walking, jogging, sewing, gardening, dusting, or petting your favorite animal!

Olayer’s health and safety ffp2 mask has fully adjustable straps, is quite comfortable.

For preventing allergy and asthma attacks,we finds this n95 ffp2 mask effective and comfortable enough to wear all day.

The high tech interlaced design of the FFP2 dust protective folding mask helps protect you and bring relief from allergens, pollen, household dust, dust mites, sawdust, and other people’s sneezes.

We at olayer think this is a tremendous value since it lasts for years of Caronavirus.This is the perfect mask to wear while walking, biking, doing crafts, gardening and home repair, dusting, spending time with your favorite pet or anytime you need protection from dust and allergens.

It will be there to protect you anytime you need relief from nuisance level non-toxic particles. 

We hope you enjoy this N95 protective dust masks

and respirators to protect your health and your lungs during the padamic of Caronavirus.

Whether you are doing home construction, home remodeling, working on a farm, in a factory or warehouse, you will realize this FFP2 dust masks and respirators for your health and safety