Reusable FFP2 Dust Mask

You’ll be happy not wasting your money on disposable EN149 FFP2 dust masks and you’ll be comfortable! As if not fogging your glasses or goggles wasn’t enough, it’s made in China and is washable too! It’s so easy too, just swish it in water with mild soap, rinse it and hang it to dry and it’s ready to use again. Imagine not being bothered by nuisance dust, allergies, dander, dust, and dirt.

The Olayer washable, reusable FFP2 dust mask is perfect for businesses and agriculture, whether in the field or on the factory floor. In helping to reduce the inhalation of dust, dirt, and airborne debris, you are setting the stage for fewer problems down the road.

The Olayer reusable FFP2 dust mask is a great value considering it lasts for years. Some of our customers have had theirs for five to ten years, even with constant use. As long as you take care of it, it will take care of you.

Speaking of great value, we’ve reduced the price from $18 to $10. That’s a savings of $8.00!AND if that’s not enough to encourage you to make such an intelligent purchase, please contact us, base on your volume requirement we can offer you the best price.

There is no finer gift you can send your loved one in the Armed Forces overseas. This amazing reusable FFP2 dust mask filters at leat 94% down to 3 microns (EN149 standard class FFP2). You will help protect your loved one’s lungs and sinuses, while still keeping them comfortable. They’ll keep their vision clear too since it won’t fog their glasses or goggles. We guarantee it! What a relief it will be when they can wear it damp to keep cool in such hot weather. Imagine how happy they will be and they’ll think of you every time they put it on!

We can offer the door to door service to your storage house in the world.

• Excellent value – stays good-as-new for years; even with constant use 
• So comfortable to wear you’ll forget you have it on
• Easy to breathe through! 
• Made in China ( low price) but Europe quality
• Won’t fog your glasses or goggles – Guaranteed! 
• Can be worn wet in hot weather to keep you cooler and breathing easily